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Suicide Outreach Support


‘When it happened, we were plunged into a world of fear and uncertainty. We didn’t know what to do, everyone was in a total daze. We were all just frightened, we had no answers for what had happened.’ (friend of suicide victim)

In the County Meath region, a number of trained individuals are available to offer confidential and practical support to families and friends who have experienced a death by suicide. the SUICIDE OUTREACH SUPPORT PERSON, at the request of the family, can call to the home or meet at a location appointed by the family. The outreach worker can provide information and practical support concerning the following areas:

  • The inquest
  • Entitlements
  • What to say to the children
  • How to deal with the neighbours
  • Help you to clarify your personal grief
  • Connect you to other support services in your area
  • Provide information on suicide and attempted suicide
  • Be there, as a friend, for you


Contact The County Meath ‘LIVING LINKS’ Support Co-Ordinator at 046 902 1407/ 087 273 1001.

CONSOLE (Bereaved by Suicide Foundation)
1800 201 890 also offers help and support to those bereaved by Suicide.

AWARE also offers help and counselling 1890 303 202