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Ministers of the Eucharist

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Baptism Team

A Lifelong Journey

Baptism is a serious step.   We spend much time getting ready.  We get new clothes, we get a candle to light the way, water to help us grow, oil for strength, even companions for the journey.   That is only the beginning of a much longer journey, a lifetime journey of commitment to live the Gospel as followers of Christ.


On first becoming involved in the Baptism Ministry there were three main approaches from which to choose:  the Home Visits approach, the Preparation Meeting approach or the combination of both.  The Home Visits approach was adopted in Kells and Girley Parish.   Parents request Baptism with two weeks advance notice and fill in the necessary details at the Parish Office. (Baptism:  Second and Fourth Sundays at 3pm).


Visits to the home are undertaken by two members of the Baptism Team.  Connection is made with the families before visits to arrange a day and time suitable for both families and team members.  Subsequently, families are visited on behalf of the Parish community.  The parish supplies a booklet “Let’s Celebrate a Baptism”, a small ‘Prayer Book for Young Families’ and ‘Things to Remember’ leaflet, giving details about time-keeping, Baptismal Candle, Baptismal Shawl, etc.  The booklet explains the meaning of Baptism and the actual ceremony itself.  The significance of the symbols used in the sacrament is emphasized during the visit.  Family members or guests are invited to read Prayers of the Faithful if they so wish.  Families are given an opportunity to discuss aspects relating to Baptism.

Ceremony and Follow-up

Team members participate in the celebration of the Baptism, being a welcoming presence on the day.  Following the ceremony the parents are given a card offering ‘Thoughts for Reflection’ on the living out of the sacrament, together with a small bottle of Baptismal Holy Water.

Points of contact between family and parish

At the end of the year, on the feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, the parish community celebrates the Eucharist of joy and thanksgiving with all the newly baptized Christians of that particular year.  It is a delight to welcome the newly baptized into the community of faith.   Each ceremony is a special occasion and we appreciate the efforts made by parents and families.

Anniversary Contact

‘First Birthday in the Faith’ cards are sent to the families of the newly baptized.   This mirrors the continued support of the Christian community.


The members of the Baptism Team are:

Margo Duffy, Jane Smith, Mary Whelan, Phyllis Barrett, Sr. Genevieve, Martina Scanlan, Valerie O’Sullivan, Ann Shine, Fr. John and Fr. Liam.

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Parish Choirs/Folk Group

Parish Choir

Led by Choir Director, Br. Frank Crummy and organist Sr. Claire Nugent, St. Colmcille’s Parish Choir usually sing at the 11am Mass each Sunday. The choir also sing on selected Feast Days and on special occasions throughout the year. Over the past few years the Choir performed at Lourdes and Rome (see photo below).

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Parish Altar Society

The Kells Church Altar Society is presently rostered and co-ordinated by Noelene Dunne (046 – 924 0037). There are 12 groups (1 group per month) and the Society prepare and decorate the Church with Flowers , Plants, Linens, Laces etc. Noelene and her team always welcome new helpers. Simply contact Noelene and state which month you would prefer.

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Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Committee was set up in 2002 and replaced the Laity Committee which was founded in 1980 to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Pope’s visit to Ireland.

The Parish Pastoral Council is a representative body of the faithful,willing to work in close partnership with the priests of the Parish to further the mission of Christ and his Church in the Parish.

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Church Liturgy Committee

Formed in 2001 the aims of the Committee is to plan and co-ordinate the various ceremonies in the Church calendar – Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter etc. Most of the members are drawn from the ministries in the church – Choir, Folk Group, Readers, Ministers, Sacristans etc.

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St. Vincent de Paul

875,000 members around the world

Founded in 1833 by six university students in Paris under the patronage of St. Vincent de Paul, today the Society includes almost 900,000 members spread among 46,000 confraternities in 130 countries of five continents.

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Finance and Administration Committee

Church Income

The Finance and Administration Committee thank all who contribute to Church Funds.

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Useful Contacts In The Community

The following contacts represent some of the important services – social and voluntary organisations – which may be of service.

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Finance and Administration Committee

Church Income

The Finance and Administration Committee thank all who contribute to Church Funds.

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Suicide Outreach Support

Contact The County Meath ‘LIVING LINKS’ Support Co-Ordinator at 046 902 1407/ 087 273 1001.

CONSOLE (Bereaved by Suicide Foundation)
1800 201 890 also offers help and support to those bereaved by Suicide.

AWARE also offers help and counselling 1890 303 202

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Local Bereavement Support









If you find that the intensity of loss is unsettling, causing undue grief and sadness, there is help at hand.

The Kells Bereavement Support Group is a voluntary parish-based ministry which aims to help the bereaved and grieving.   Although grieving is a natural process which can be helped by

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Dowdstown Bereavement Support

Dowdstown House
Co. Meath
Tel: 046 902 1407

Contact: Rose D King

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10.00am – 1.00pm (office)

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