Guidelines for Notices for Weekly Newsletter

Notices for Weekly Bulletin – Guidelines


  1. We try to accommodate all notices of a religious or community nature for the weekly Parish Bulletin, free of any charge.  It is not possible to include notices of a commercial or a political nature.
  2. Due to pressure on space it is regretted that we cannot print ‘thank you’ community notices: there are simply too many requested each week for limited space.
  3. To allow as many organisations as possible to be facilitated, notices should be kept as short as possible. Most Sundays there is great demand on limited space – please do not expect notices to be included for more than one Sunday.
  4. At certain times of the year e.g. Easter, Christmas, it is not possible to include community notices because of pressure on space required by Church ceremonies.
  5. The Parish does not accept responsibility for inaccurate or inappropriate notices.
  6. Notices should reach the Parish Office by noon Wednesday as the Bulletin is usually printed on Thursday morning.
  7. Only notices pertaining to events in the Parish of Kells and Girley will be given priority. It is regretted that we cannot guarantee space to community events taking place outside the Parish of Kells and Girley.
  8. Notices received too late for the Bulletin, except Death Notices, cannot be considered for announcement.
  9. A copy of the weekly Bulletin is also uploaded to the Parish Website in PDF Format.


We will always try to facilitate local and community organisations in promoting notices of a cultural, sporting and social nature.

To insert Notice contact:

  • The Parish Office: 046 924 0213
  • E-mail the Parish Secretary before 12 Noon Wednesday at [email protected].
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