St. Colmcille’s Cemetery Kells

St. Colmcille’s Cemetery, Navan Rd, Kells (formerly known as the New Cemetery) was consecrated by Most Rev. Laurence Gaughran, Bishop of Meath, on 19 June 1910. The Homily was delivered by Most Rev. Dr. Clancy, Bishop of Elphin. Fr. Michael Dooley was Parish Priest of Kells at the time.     2010 – Centenary of Cemetery.

Cemetery Navan Rd 1909 Photo

The above classic photo shows Cemetery before graves were introduced in c. 1909


At this time the Cemetery was divided into 4 large Sections (EFGH) and 4 smaller Sections (ABCD).

In 1995 the Cemetery was extended into a rear field, whch was donated by the Butler Family, Farrell St, Kells.

2 large Sections (JK) and 2 smaller Sections (LM) were added.

Apart from Section F, Plots are only now available in the newer Sections. The Cemetery Committee estimate that new plots will be available in these Sections until 2118.

Locals and visitors agree that our present Cemetery is maintained and equipped to the highest standard. The Committee employ a caretaker full time throughout the year. The local Community Employment Scheme also allow a worker for two and a half days per week. The Committee also pay the cost of a permanent Skip and Bin in the Cemetery.

Water is provided from a tap on the path adjoining the stream.

We have two sources of revenue – Plot Sales and the Cemetery Draw.

No other finance is received from any source.

The Cemetery Draw is held every May – 1 Draw only with subscription of €15 per line. There are only 10 names on each card. We always need new promoters to come forward and take a card. Profit from the Draw makes up 90% of total income.

In order to allow Wheelchair Access and Pram and Buggy Access, the Cemetery Committee, following consultation with the general public, has decided to develop the remaining Sections as a ‘Lawn Cemetery’.

Kerbing and all forms of surrounds on graves are forbidden in the Lawn Section. The planting of trees, shrubs or the placing of decorations on the graves is also not possible under the conditions of use.

The Disabled, the Infirm, the Elderly and people with prams and buggies will now have access to all graves in this section K.

The expense of not having to install kerbing will also be most welcomed by bereaved families and make the Cemetery more easily maintained in the future.



The Parish of Kells and Girley has two cemeteries under its jurisdiction:   St. Colmcille’s, Navan Road, Kells and St. Raed’s, Girley, Fordstown, Navan.   We kindly request people to be respectful of our ethos and keep all graves and cemeteries clean, neat and tidy.   Both cemeteries have vacant plots but the number is limited.   Given this developing situation, in order to ensure that resident parishioners can be buried in their parish in the years to come, the following directives have been put in place.

(1)    Those resident within the parish of Kells and Girley will be facilitated in purchasing plots in these cemeteries.   Non-parishioners and former parishioners who have left the parish and are now resident long-term in another parish have no entitlement to purchase a plot.     They may however:

  • Be buried in family plots that were already purchased in advance and are still vacant, but with the understanding that those who originally purchased those family plots cannot seek to buy another to replace one they have privately passed on.
  • They may also be allowed to purchase a plot if they have parents already buried in the cemetery or parents still living in the parish.
  • Consideration will be given to people living outside the parish who are regular church attenders with us here in Kells and Girley.


(2)   Plots will no longer be sold in advance but only at time of death.   Subscription for use of plots must be paid for on demand.  Headstones may not be erected until payment is received in full.

  • Where a family member is looking to purchase a plot directly adjacent to an existing family grave, consideration will be given where it might be possible and prudent to accommodate the family. (Regretfully, for any new plots purchased from here on, the Parish will not be in a position to allow family to buy a plot adjacent unless it is in an older part of the cemetery where there are gaps in plots that have already been sold.  Only one adjacent plot can be purchased by the family.)
  • If an individual wishes to pay for a plot in the cemetery in advance of death, we will accept payment but the allocation of the plot will not be decided until time of death itself, which will be the next available space beside the most recent burial.


(3)   Any headstone or monument erected on the plots must not exceed five feet in height and three feet in width.

  • No surround other than kerbing to a maximum height of five inches is allowed on graves in the non-lawn area of the cemetery.  Statues/decorations/embellishments are allowed on the grave to a maximum height of two feet.   Any headstones or grave surrounds that exceed the above measurements must first be approved with the Cemetery Committee before groundwork/preparation for the headstone/monument/kerbing commences on the grave.
  • No surround/kerbing or statues/decorations/embellishments are allowed on the lawn area of the cemeteries.
  • No shrub or tree to be planted on any plot.


(4)        Under normal circumstances, graves should be opened and closed manually by operators of mechanical machines who have produced proof of full insurance at the parish office.    Where family members, neighbours or the local community wish to open a grave themselves – any issues that may arise from an accident point of view or damage to cemetery property will be the responsibility of the said family.

  • Any monument or headstone on the plots must be erected only by contractors who have produced proof of insurance at the parish office.
  • At all times the Cemetery Committee reserve the right to dismantle any construction which they deem to be out of keeping with the ambience of the cemetery.


(5)   Arrangement to purchase and identification of the site of a new plot must be made with the parish office and must be confirmed before the grave is opened.   Graves will be assigned according to the next available space from the last grave that was sold.

  • The parish reserve the right to halt the opening of a grave or the erection of monuments that are either unsafe or disrespectful, not honouring our Catholic ethos and so too the removal of any inappropriate memorials.
  • All works instigated by any family are the responsibility of the family or the contractor working on their behalf.
  • Sound playing systems or solar panels of any kind are not allowed. It is important that our cemeteries are respected as quiet, peaceful and calm places for people visiting their graves and wishing to offer a prayer for loved ones.


(6)   Only single and double plots will be sold.   Triple plots will no longer be sold. Single plots accommodate three people and double accommodate six.

  • The price of plots shall be as follows:   a single plot €400 and a double €800.   If non-parishioners are given approval to purchase a plot the price will be €600 for a single plot and €1200 for a double.


(7)    A designated space will be provided for the burial of urns where a family have had a cremation.  The plot size will be 5ft x 3 ft wide.   Headstone height to a maximum of 2ft x 3ft wide and no kerbing of any kind as the space will be kept as a lawn area.


(8)   That in any matter of dispute or doubt, the decision of the Cemetery Committee shall be final.

If you have any problem with your grave, feel most welcome to contact the Parish Office.

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